This week’s Thursday Hearsay spotlight was an easy choice. I was drawn to the blog article via a Facebook teaser and the moment I read the first few lines, I knew I would be sharing this one with all my Skinny Moms out there that know strong is the new skinny.

This blog highlight comes from Another Mother Runner and if you don’t already know these mother runners, they are the creative and witty mamas behind the books, Run Like A Mother, and its equally candid and forthcoming sequel, Train Like A Mother by Sara Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell.

Back to why this post caught my attention this week and now bestows our coveted (if I do say so myself) Thursday Hearsay recognition – the first paragraph will shed light into why this is a write-up worth sharing:

“So I’ve had this idea fermenting in my head for six months now: a photo essay titled What Does a Mother Runner Look Like? A collection of pictures that celebrates the bodies that have carried us through all kinds of miles. I want to show that kicka** strong and stretch marks go together–and that, despite what the cover of Runner’s World may broadcast, all sizes and shapes of bodies can be and are runners.”

You must click here to read the rest of the post and get a sneak peek at the strong, beautiful, and bold mothers behind this project. And in support of strong is the new skinny mamas everywhere, I think we should all bust out our favorite sports bras and participate! Are you bold enough to share what your true mother runner self looks like? Let’s do it!

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