This week’s Thursday Hearsay is a shout out to the sheer brilliancy behind the site, Once A Month Mom.

I admit that judging by the title alone, I was a little confused by this site (I truly had a “things that make you hmmmmm” moment reading the web URL for the first time) but I was quickly reminded to never to judge a book by its cover – or a blog site by its title. When you actually get to the bottom of what this site is all about, the title makes perfect sense.  And it is brilliant.

Once A Month Mom focuses on providing busy moms (that sounds like such a funny phrase considering mom= busy) a meal schedule for the month that you can prepare and cook all of your meals in one day!

You heard me correctly. The site focuses on preparing moms with recipes based on meal preferences, shopping lists, adjusted serving sizes, and freezer directions so that moms can devote one day to preparing and storing meals for the whole month – breakfast through dinner. Did I mention brilliant already?

Once A Month Mom offers a Whole Foods Menu option for those moms who are determined to feed their families real food and for those who want to start eliminating processed foods from their diet. This past January, they launched a year long effort– in conjunction with some other awesome bloggers to focus on the whole foods transition to help educate and enlighten those that may feel a little overwhelmed by the whole (pun intended) process.

Check out Once A Month Mom and read about the “Get Real 2012” initiative. It’s not too late to get involved. In fact, you’re in luck because January through October articles are already archived and ready to read here.

What do you think? Have you done any batch freezer cooking before? Would you be willing to try cooking for a whole month for your family in a day?

Note: Once A Month Mom has recently implemented a small stipend for some of their customized services (shopping lists, adjusted portion sizing, etc.) but ALL of their recipes remain FREE of charge.