OKC Thunder

Like so many in Oklahoma, sports are a huge part of of my family. Obviously, we love attending my son’s sporting events (basketball, baseball, football, track, you name it). We also love to attend and cheer for our local high school events. Now when it comes to college sports, that’s where things get interesting in this state. For the most part, if you live in Oklahoma, you are either an OSU fan or an OU fan – not both!  We have pretty strong convictions when it comes to our Cowboys or Sooners. There are massive disputes every year about college sports in this state. There is nothing that can bring these two sides together.

But wait, this past year, something crazy has happened in our state- Thunder Fever.  Now typically in Oklahoma in the spring if somebody starts talking about thunder, you had better take cover, because there is a pretty good chance that a tornado is headed your way!!  But I’m not talking about spring storms, I am referring to our fairly new NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As I type this, the Thunder is playing in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat. The Thunder has only been in Oklahoma for 3 years, but they have united the entire state, it is truly amazing!  The continuing theme this year has been that the Thunder players are like a family. Their extended family has reached to every point of the state; young, old, women, men, sports fans, non sports fans, Cowboys and Sooners- yep you heard right – for right now we are all on the same team!

Everywhere you go, you will see somebody wearing a Thunder shirt or hear somebody talking about the Thunder. My granny is even a big Thunder fan and makes sure she watches every game.  We had the good fortune to attend one of the playoff games this past week and had so much fun.

Thunder Fever has taken over the state of Oklahoma and has brought us all together in the pursuit of one common goal!