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I recently completed my first kickboxing class. The first words that come to mind? HOLY COW!

I chose to try 9Round at the suggestion of a friend. I like high activity and I like to be told what to do. I like to be held accountable. I also like to have a complete workout in 30 minutes or less! This class meets every one of my criteria!


I will be honest; I was completely shocked at just how much of a workout this regimen gives you. It is a complete total body workout. The company says, “You will work every muscle in your body simultaneously, with no complicated machines or aerobic routines,” and they mean it.

There are nine stations (hence the name 9Round) and each station lasts three minutes. You begin with two separate three-minute warmups to get your heart really pumping. Then you’re off to the punching bags!

Raye Dopson kickboxing

Photo Courtesy of Raye Dopson

I have never been into boxing but have always wanted to learn! I now know a jab, cross hook, undercut, round kick, shin kick, etc. If you need to blow off a little steam from work or home, this is seriously the way to go!

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One of the things I enjoy about 9Round is that every lesson comes with your own trainer. Your trainer is there helping you learn the moves, making sure you’re doing things in the correct form and making sure you don’t give up! You also get the option of using their online personal nutritionist to help you design a diet to fit your needs and lifestyle.

I cannot rave enough about taking this class. I will warn you though: you will be DRENCHED when you finish, just as I was!

Raye Dopson after workout

Photo Courtesy of Raye Dopson

Have you taken a kickboxing class? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!