The has to be one of the coolest reference books ever made. My son and I really enjoyed looking through the pictures and reading about the many events that took place during 2012.

Some of the highlights according to my son are the animal section, the celebrity birthdays, the games section, and the sports section. The animal section had lots of awesome pictures and interesting information. In the birthday section, it was fun to see who you shared your special day with and the games and sports sections were full of lots of historic and current information.

There were also several sections that I can foresee us using in the future for homework and research. There is a section about nations complete with maps, flags, population, capitals, and other information about each nation. The United States section is amazing. It has facts about all the presidents, history about how our government works, and facts about each state.

One other cool feature is that throughout the book there are quizzes and activities to help kids really engage in the information. My son is 11, but I can see this book being great for younger kids and even into the teenage years.

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