We all know we need to “take our vitamins” like mom said. We also need to eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. This information would be considered “common sense” to most. What is not common sense is which vitamins we should take, when in our lives we should take them and why our bodies need them at that particular age.

In our 20’s, the last thing most of us are, or were, thinking about is what vitamins are required for us to thrive. Many us of fail to consider our health in the future, and is especially true when we are so young. Those of you who can still change your habits now are lucky. Taking a vitamin regimen (after consulting your doctor) and getting your diet in line can lay a solid foundation for health the rest of your life.

Omega 3 – Fish oil pill: Omega 3 fatty acids can benefit our bodies is many different ways. A daily does of Omega-3s can help your joints, heart, brain, vision and even boost fertility which is particularly important to a woman in their 20’s.  An Omega-3 supplement can fight future wrinkles and attack acne; both concerns for a woman in her 20’s.

Take 1000mg capsule daily before or after a meal.  Plus, 300 mg DHA twice daily. (Photo credit)


Calcium: Women are susceptible to osteoporosis and taking a calcium supplement has been known to combat the risk of obtaining this disease later in life.

Take 500mg twice daily.

cal mag

Vitamin D: Vitamin D’s purpose is to ensure the proper levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood to protect your bones. A vitamin D supplement is particularly important for those of us that live in northern regions and experience dark winters. Vitamin D comes from sun exposure, and when you do not get an adequate amount of sun, you may begin to experience side effects such as depression (Seasonal Depression, anyone?).

Take 500 IU twice daily

vitamin d


Folic Acid: Although it is particularly important to take Folic Acid during pregnancy, its benefits are just as vast when you are not pregnant. Folic Acid is effective for reducing the likelihood of heart attack and stroke, reducing your risk of breast cancer, and treating gum disease and depression.

Take 400 mcg twice daily

folic acid

Vitamin C: Aside from vitamin C being one of the safest nutrients, it is also one of the most beneficial. We all know that vitamin C can help us to ward off a cold, but it can also protect against heart disease, eye disease and skin wrinkling. Say “bye, bye Botox!”

Take 250mg twice daily.

vit c

Iron: When women are in their 20’s, they lose a lot of iron through menstruation. Iron is needed for carrying oxygen in the blood.

Take 18mg once daily.