With the weather warming up, no one wants to be stuck inside a stuffy house or gym for their workout. When your child begins to get a little restless, try hitting the playground for a day of play for them, and a great workout for you! Here are some moves to try at your next playground date.

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Photo credit: Women’s Health

Monkey bars and monkey bar pull ups: Remember how much fun it was to swing across the monkey bars at recess? Well, it’s still fun! Jump up and grab them and see how far you can get across. If your child is old enough to swing, challenge them to a race to see who can get the farthest. Not quite strong enough to get all the way across? Grab onto one of the bars and try to pull yourself up. Even if you can’t get all the way up, doing just 2 sets of 15 half pull-ups is still a great workout for your arms, shoulders, chest, and abs.

Monkey bar abs: Since you’re already monkeying around, why not work your abs too! Grab the bar and pull your legs up toward your hands, as far as you can. Do as many as you can for 30 seconds. Rest and then repeat 2 more times.

Step-ups with a leg raise: Head over to a step leading to the slide or another piece of climbing equipment. Step up with right foot and hold your balance while raising your left leg behind you. Complete 2 sets of 20 and then repeat set on other leg.

Playground bench push-ups/tricep dips: Instead of sitting on your butt watching your child play, why not work those arms? For push-ups, face the ground, feet propped up on bench and push down toward the ground. Complete 2 sets of 20. Once you’ve finished flip over, back facing the bench, and dip yourself up and down for 2 sets of 25.

Atomic pushups: The Atomic Pushup hits your abs and your chest. Women’s Health suggests doing them for 45 seconds, alternating between this and a Mountain Climber. Get into pushup position, with your legs on the swing. Pull legs in toward your chest. Immediately do a pushup. Click here to see how to Mountain Climb properly!

Jump rope: This one does require the simple preparation of remembering to throw a jump rope in the car, but is well worth the extra effort. According to Fitness Magazine, just 10 minutes of skipping rope can burn almost 140 calories!

Slide: Here’s another fun move from Women’s Health: Put your hands on the sides of the slides and shuffle up the slide (without bending your knees). Reverse the movement at the top of the slide. When you are finished with that, run as fast as you can and climb the ladder and slide down for a fun and functional exercise!

When you are finished with this workout, get out there and play with your child! Substituting your regular workout with this little calorie burner ensures that you’ll be able to get your sweat on without sacrificing important one-on-one time with your little one!