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Have you ever been browsing Pinterest and found a pin that, before even clicking on it, you immediately click that little red button to pin and save it to your board? If you have, you aren’t alone. I do it ALL the time. And seriously, I’m finding out that I really should check out the pin a little more before I just go pin-happy and start planning to make everything that looks good to me!

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Before I tell my story, I must say that I really, really wish I would have taken pictures of this project! I’m so sad I didn’t.

Recently, I was going pin happy and saw this amazing-looking dessert for a chocolate cream pie. Ironically enough, my husband had just mentioned to me that he was getting a craving for chocolate cream pie, so I thought it was perfect that I happened to stumble upon this delicious dessert.

So, fast-forward to the day I planned on making the recipe. I clicked on the link to see if I had all the ingredients and, if not, which ones would I need to go the grocery store and buy. But when I clicked on the link the picture to get to the blog post, the photo didn’t look as amazing as the picture in the pin. At that point, I figured I’d still try it and thought maybe the blogger just had a bad picture day. I should have known at that point that this might not work out, but I’m a pretty good baker (at least my family and friends tell me so), so I figured I’d give it a whirl… and a whirl it did go, right into the trash can.

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The first step was to make a chocolate chip cookie dough layer — easy enough, then put the dough in the oven and it cooked for about 14 minutes. The next step was to use instant pudding to make the cream layer and I followed the directions on the box and recipe to a T. This is the part where the recipe went downhill. The pudding layer never set up, despite following the directions. Even after hours in the fridge, nothing. It just looked like chocolate milk.

The whole dessert looked like a big pile of gooey whip cream, soggy cookie dough and a layer of chocolate milk. It didn’t even look good enough to try! But, rest assured, one failed recipe can’t take me away from Pinterest!