If you’re looking for a challenging workout to blast fat, tone muscles and torch calories, you’ve come to the right place. This plyometric circuit will do all that and more. The fat-burning capabilities of plyometrics are bound to please anyone who adds this routine to their regimen two times a week. Get your heart rate monitor on, gather the necessary equipment pictured below and get ready to knock this workout from Muscle & Fitness Hers out of the park! Some loud tunes, plenty of water and a sweat rag will definitely help push you through.

Getting Started: Plyometrics are explosive exercises that can enhance your muscles’ stretch-shortening cycle capacity. Translation: It boosts your reflexes and power in a flash. Do this workout no more than twice a week for optimal recovery—and results.

Side Hop to Burpee: Stand with your feet hip-width apart with a barbell or foam roller on the floor on the outside of your right foot. Jump laterally to the right over the bar, keeping your legs together. Perform a squat thrust, then a pushup, and jump back to a standing position. Repeat the movement to the opposite side. Perform for 16 reps, doing eight lateral jumps in each direction. Works: Upper Body, Core, Hips.

Tip: Move both legs as one unit when jumping, as if they were glued together to maintain powerful, active support from your core to your toes.

woman doing a side hop to burpee exercise with a foam roller

Box Jump to Kettlebell High Pull: Place a kettlebell 12 inches away from the base of an 18-inch plyo box. Straddle the kettlebell with your feet slightly wider than hip width. Jump onto the middle of the plyo box with your feet six inches apart. Jump back down and land on the floor in a squat with your feet wide. Grab the ­kettlebell and pull it upward to just under chest height. Squat and place the kettlebell back on the floor. Perform for two sets of 12 plyo jumps to high pulls. Works: Shoulders, Core, Back, Legs.

Tip: As in all box jump movements, stand and fully extend your legs and hips after landing on the box. You want to work the full range of motion.

woman doing a box jump to kettlebell high pull

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