For this week’s SM List, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces in my closet. We all have our favorite pieces of clothing, and what makes it our favorite is probably unique between each piece. Some of my favorites made the list because of style, comfort, accessibility, and even memories they hold.

Here are my top 5 picks in my closet that I wear as often as possible…maybe even a bit too much!

1. Kentucky T-Shirt – Being a Wildcat girl, I love me some UK gear! However, nothing will ever take the place of my beloved Kentucky t-shirt that says “You bet your bluegrass, I’m a Kentucky girl”. Love to rep my KY roots!

2. Colored Denim Jeans – I don’t buy new clothes too often, but I will admit that when this trend hit the ‘Nati, I went out and bought a pair in almost every color. There’s nothing that says fun and fashion like a pair of colored jeans. I love pairing them with a plain tee and bold jewelry, or with a printed top with simple accessories.  Even if you invest in one pair of colored denim, you can mix and match it with so many tops to create many versatile looks. The best part is, I have them in stretch material, so they are super comfy. For my splurge pieces, I go for Joe’s Jeans, however, I do have a few pair (and love them just the same) from Target!

3. Wedges – I definitely believe that all moms need realistically comfortable shoes, however, I also feel that just because we’re moms, we shouldn’t leave our sexy style behind. When my outfit (or my attitude) needs a little pick-me-up, I opt for a pair of wedges. They add great height to my outfit and give me that boost of confidence that comes with a power heel, but they also provide much more comfort to me than a stiletto or pump.

4. Maxi Dress – This may be my favorite piece to wear in late spring/summer. To me, the maxi dress is just as comfortable as a pair of sweats and t-shirt because it’s a long and loose fitting, however clearly much more stylish! I love to pair solid color maxi’s with bold jewelry and fun makeup, and printed maxi’s with simple accessories. I love the strapless maxi’s in the summer to show off bronzed shoulders! The best thing about the maxi, is if the right length, you can get away with wearing versatile shoes – wedges, strappy sandals, or even a cute pair of flip flops!

5. Running Shorts – My workout regimen used to be much more weight lifting than cardio, however, in the past few months I’ve been running a lot more with Easton in the jogging stroller. After I reached my first two endurance goals, I treated myself to a lululemon spree, and where I don’t need or even much prefer a splurge over a save, lululemon’s running shorts have become my spoiled piece where I now hesitate to wear my other running shorts. These shorts move freely with you, they don’t bunch, and they are so stinkin’ cute!

So, there you have it. My five articles I can’t seem to live without – some trendy, other fashion staples, and one that holds too many memories to ever be discarded. What are your top 5 pieces, and why did they make the list?