Serena Williams is much more than a recognized U.S. tennis star winning a total of 23 career Grand Slams and becoming one of the game’s greatest players of all time. Serena Williams is an icon. An embodiment of power, strength, beauty, and courage. She is a powerhouse that demonstrates perfectly the mantra “strong is the new skinny”. In wanting to find Serena’s routines to help shape her sculpted, powerful body, we called upon one of her trainers, Howard Waldstreicher.

Howard ‘s clients are some of the top Tennis players, including: the Bryan Brothers, Melanie Oudin, TEAM USA for the world university games. He has also been featured in countless publications, and trains his clients on the HalfHourPower system.

Tennis players are some of the fittest athletes in the world. They have amazing physiques, great arms, legs, a solid core, and much more. Howard thinks, “why not train like them?”, and I’d have to say we agree!

Howard shares with us a core routine, total body routine, and booty/hip routine. All of these workouts can be done with Howard’s Power Bands or traditional tubular bands. The best part about these workouts is that they are super quick, super effective, and will leave you feeling like you exercised HARD for hours! They can all be done at home, so no excuses as to why you can’t add these quick routines to your workout schedule!

Serena Williams Core Workout (video): You’ll need a light resistance band and towel.

Serena Williams Total Body Workout (video): You’ll need a medium and strong resistance band.

Serena Williams Booty/Hips Workout (video): You’ll need a light resistance band. *This is an AMAZING routine if you have bad knees, as you work your booty and hips just as much (if not more) than completing several lunges. However, this routine doesn’t cause knee or back pain.

Again, these routines can be performed with traditional tubular bands, however, the 41 inch continuous bands are the best on the market. Howard is offering a SPECIAL DEAL on the Power Bands. Coupon Codes below:

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To find more of Howard’s getting-game-ready workouts, check out his website Half Hour Power. If you’re looking to lose fat, try Howard’s Power Band Workouts.