My name is Teresa. I’m a mom. I’m on a diet. I have lost about 22 pounds, and I tailgate. Weekly.

You heard me. I know, this may seem like the impossible, but it can be done.  I’m generally pretty good at just avoiding foods I know are bad by sticking to a light beer and focusing on playing corn hole more than the yummy treats on the food table. However, last weekend we had a tailgate extravaganza for my husband’s 30th birthday. Bearcat game on Saturday, Bengals game on Sunday with dinners, dancing, and yes, drinking in between all of it. With a weekend full of temptation ahead, I researched some great tips I’d love to share:

  • Stick to light beers and clear liquors mixed with diet soda. Avoid juices as mixers as they’re loaded with lots of sugar and empty calories you don’t need to add to the already caloric alcohol. Vodka and diet sprite with lime wedge is a favorite among my girlfriends.
  • In between every adult beverage indulge in a large glass of water. This not only helps you feel better in the morning, but also slows your consumption of those adult beverages and keeps you hydrated. Another plus? This also makes you feel more full and less likely to nibble.
  • Bring your own snacks. Volunteer to bring the veggie tray and stock it full.  I know that when you’re with a group of guys in particular, healthy snacks aren’t exactly a priority.  Take it upon yourself to bring some nutrients to the tailgate.
  • Celery. Not only for a snack on it’s own, but dipping a celery stick in that buffalo dip, cheese dip, chili dip, etc. is not only a (slightly) healthier option, but it takes you longer to nibble (and enjoy) when compared to dipping with the usual chips or crackers.
  • Salsa. My favorite tailgate food. You can even jazz it up a bit with adding some reduced-fat sour cream. I tried this for our tailgate extravaganza and it was the first snack that was gone. I’d mark that as a success.

Those are just a few things that work for me. Anyone else have skinny tailgate tips they’d like to share? Just comment below!