Surely you’ve noticed by now… bright colors are everywhere! This summer bright neons as well as trendy shades of mint green made a splash on the fashion scene, and this trend will continue into the fall, albeit with some altered hues.  Honestly, it is so refreshing to see these bright splashes of color amidst those overused nuetrals and black. So what are the best “brights” for fall fashion?  You can’t go wrong with most shades of orange and red, but other popular colors this fall are jade green, tangerine orange, fuschia, honey gold, royal blue, and, yes, even neon green it seems!  Fool-proof fashion advice? Take the “brights” plunge by investing in a pair of skinny jeans in your favorite shade… most jeans manufacturers now offer a huge array of colors to entice you. Go ahead, brighten up your wardrobe, ladies!