Keeping in touch with daddy!

I’ve read countless articles chronicling the negatives of modern day technology. Its become a societal taboo topic to discuss: whether you allow your children to play with an iPad, social media sites breaking up families, and what filters are you using to protect your family from internet browsing. And that’s just to name a few!

This blog, however, will be examining the positives to show how technology really can bring families together. Because my husband is in a rather non-traditional field, he is away from home at times, and it wasn’t until his recent win in Las Vegas that I realized how indispensable technology has become for our family.  I was 9 months pregnant and thus unable to travel any longer, so I was missing one of my favorite races of the season in Vegas but it was all for good reason.

The west coast races usually demand a longer trip so throughout the weekend my son and I would send daddy videos all day long chronicling our days adventures and moments, a ride on the choo choo train at the mall, visit to the park, or just playing in the living room. In turn, my husband would send us video messages showing us the car, telling us he missed us, and debriefing on his day at the track. My son (only 18 months) would play these again and again never tiring of seeing his daddy’s face or hearing his voice. We were still very much connected while across the country from one another.

Another way we use technology to keep our partnership in tact over trips is FaceTime, the apple product on iPhones, iPads and macs, allowing us to see and talk to each other at the same time. This is a huge help to my son who, currently, does not quite get the concept of talking on the phone to a familiar voice without a visual reference. When I recently googled FaceTime, unhappy with the reliability of the service, I was happy to see how many other companies who now offer a similar service, some even free of charge!

The excitement and drama of Sunday (race day) played out perfectly in Vegas for my husband and his team, and although I wasn’t there I couldn’t have felt more a part of that win. I was laughing, watching my husband stand at the starting line online on ESPN streaming the race real-time and watching him pull out his phone to respond to my texts! My family, scattered all across the US, was able to join in the fun logging in to watch and all communicating via smart phones on each round win success all the way to the finals and his second career victory.

I don’t want to minimize the challenges we face in our tech-saturated society, specifically for families as they navigate the new-wave world we exist in, but I am thankful for the ways in which we are able to stay in contact and share in important moments that would be lost otherwise as a result of innovation.

How have you used technology creatively to keep in touch with loved ones and share special moments?