Maternity clothes can be a tricky and scary concept to grasp, especially with this new belly you have.  All of a sudden nothing you have is fitting and you are faced with having to buy an entire new wardrobe.  Thankfully, you might only have to buy a few key pieces and the rest of your current wardrobe should fit right into place with your cute, new figure.  Buy a pair of maternity pants or jeans that you absolutely love, they may be expensive, considering it’s only nine months, but they’ll be your best friend throughout your pregnancy.  Go through your closet and find any dresses that are more of a relaxed fit.  Any type of dress, as long as it’s not a mini dress will be great for your new shape.  Maxi dresses are probably the easiest to just throw on and you can pair them with anything for any season.  While wearing a dress you can always wear a belt or something right above your belly to accentuate it.  You are pregnant, and this will most likely be the only time, as a mother, you will want to show off your stomach.  So, cinch in the area above your baby bump and show people how excited you are about your pregnancy.  Leggings and long tunics are other great key items you might already have in your closet. The leggings are great to wear underneath your belly, not to mention they will be incredibly comfortable for you during a time that isn’t always comfortable.  Make sure the tunic you wear completely covers your backside.  Since you are soon going to be a mom, (or already are) we want you to look great and appropriate.  Maternity style can be hard to figure out at first, but don’t worry you can be comfortable in the clothes you already have and still show off your new glowing look.