Now that the Easter egg hunts are over, are you wandering what to do with all the bright colored hard-boiled eggs that are packed in your fridge? Depending on how long they were outside, make sure to check if they are still good. Hard-boiled eggs should not set out more than a few hours before being refrigerated and you can keep them refrigerated for one week. Hard-boiled eggs are a great source of protein and make a great snack. Here are of my favorite ways to enjoy hard-boiled eggs:

Peel and slice the eggs to enjoy on your favorite salad.
Peel and eat the eggs with a little salt and pepper.
My favorite way to enjoy hard-boiled eggs is to devil them, here is my recipe:

Cut the egg in half long ways, shake out the yolk and mash it with a little Coleman’s powdered mustard or dijon mustard, a tiny bit of reduced-fat Miracle Whip®, and some garlic powder if you don’t plan on kissing anyone later. Re-stuff the egg, sprinkle with paprika, and enjoy. You can add your own unique twist to this recipe by adding dill, wasabi, parsley, or anything else that you might like.

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