When we found the fab food blog Skinny Chef, it was meant to be. Skinny Mom, Skinny Chef; Voila a recipe for the perfect match! Creator and chef extraordinaire–don’t let the name “Skinny” fool you, her cooking is packed with flavor–Jennifer is  busy finding new ways to make your kitchen healthier. Recently, she released her line of Superfood Sauces which we had the pleasure of featuring last week. If you have not already tried her Low Carb Chipotle Cheese Burger with Kale Chips, then click here! Did we mention there is a giveaway opportunity for her new line of sauces?! Remember spicy foods have been shown to amp your metabolism, so imagine what her “superfood” packed sauces will add to your lackluster meal! However, Skinny Chef’s blog offers even more information! From articles on local food and topical dietary issues such as orthoexia (an obsession with the “perfect diet” ), Skinny Chef has plenty of great resources. Not to mention her recipes are delish! Read on to see what Skinny Chef Jennifer is dishing.

1.     What inspired you to start writing your blog?


I started a blog as a way to stay in touch with former co-workers while I pursued my career change.  I loved my time in culinary school and the skinny chef blog was a great way to share those experiences.

2.     What is your favorite aspect about being part of an online blogging community?

You have a chance to share and inspire people all over world, people you normally would never have the chance to meet!

3.     What is your favorite topic to blog about?

I love to bust health myths, for example “alcohol turns to sugar in your blood”, false!

4.     In your opinion, what is the best feature on your blog?

There’s tons of info on there, but it’s well organized.  I think the recipes are the most popular, especially the crockpot apples!

5.     Where do your recipe ideas come from?

Dishes I grew up eating or things I’ve tasted in NYC  but always with a healthy spin!

6.     What advice do you have for busy moms and women that don’t have a lot of time to get a balanced meal ready every night for their family?

Add in veggies whenever you can, even when you do take out.  You can toss thinly sliced kale with a little olive oil and put it on top of pizza for example!

7.     What are the best ways to cook on a budget? Quickest ways to save, best areas to buy “generic brands”, etc.?

Buy in bulk (grocery clubs like Sam’s and Bjs even carry inexpensive organic produce). Buy chicken in bulk that’s easy to freeze, and other staples you use on a regular basis like olive oil and canned tomatoes.

8.     What’s your definition of a balanced diet…or your definition of the word “diet” itself?

I don’t believe in diets; I think healthy eating should be a natural part of your lifestyle. When you eat, mainly at home and cook for yourself, it’s so much easier to eat better! Just start with easy healthy recipes and build up.

9.     What’s the craziest food trend you have seen take off?

I think the kale chips- I adore kale chips made from scratch but the store bought versions doesn’t come close in taste or nutrition!  Besides, they are the easiest thing in the world to make!

10.  What is your favorite dish?


I’d have to say beef stew- I’m Hungarian through and through.

11.  What is the one spice or herb everyone should have in their cabinet?

Spicy ground chili!  It’s a superfood that gives healthy cooking zing.

12.  What is your favorite cooking appliance?

Hands down, the immersion blender, I use it daily.

13.  What is your go to dish when hosting a party or attending an event?

I have sooo many so it’s hard to say. One thing I always make is chipotle mayo- everyone loves it!

14.  If you could eat one thing everyday without worrying about your health, what would it be?

Good one! Foie Gras on toast and champagne!

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