Okay, first of all we LOVE the name Shrinking Kitchen. Adorable right? Secondly, with her meals you truly can “eat.drink.shrink”, which is equally amazing. There are 3 ladies responsible for this delectable blog: Christy, Melissa and Heather. Christy and Melissa are the founders of The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans
–a healthy lifestyle blog–and Heather is the editor of the Shrinking Kitchen. You may ask just what kinds of recipes set this blog apart? It seriously has a meal for everyone, whether you are “dieting” or not. It’s real food, just like the food items you may pass up in a restaurant. Only, these are made with the right kinds of ingredients. For example your hubby and growing boys will devour her Hamburger Steak and Onion Gravy. Oh and it will only take you about 20 minutes to make! Take a sigh of relief because eating just became guilt-free and absolutely enjoyable again. Here’s how you start “shrinking:”
1. What inspired you to start writing your blog?
I’ve always loved to create and experiment in the kitchen, so when Christy and Melissa, the founders of The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, asked me to be the editor of Shrinking Kitchen, I jumped at the chance. Healthy, delicious food is a passion of mine. I think you can make just about anything healthier!
2. In your opinion, what is the best feature on your blog?
Hands down, Menu Plan Your Butt Off. It’s a free weekly dinner menu plan with a printable grocery list and links to all the recipes. We have several themed menus – Feingold Friendly, geared toward different holidays, even vegan.
3. Where do your recipe ideas come from?
I cruise around Pinterest a lot and read a ton of magazines for inspiration. Sometimes, I’ll just pick up something that looks beautiful at the market and let it inspire me.
4. What advice do you have for busy moms and women that don’t have a lot of time to get a balanced meal ready every night for their family?
  • One, the slow cooker is your friend. Prep your meal the night before and throw it in before you head out the door for work.
  • Two, menu plan! If you write down exactly what you’re having each night of the week, it takes the guesswork out of dinner. Personally, when I don’t menu plan, I’ll spend more time staring blankly into the fridge than it would take to prepare a healthy meal!
  • Finally, always have the ingredients for a few simple go-to meals on hand – and never underestimate the power of a rotisserie chicken! It’s a great, healthy ‘cheat’ ingredient.
5. What are the best ways to cook on a budget? Quickest ways to save, best areas to buy “generic brands”, etc.?
  • The biggest way to save money is to eat less meat. I’m definitely not a vegetarian, but I find that I’m more satisfied and our bank account is happier if I spend a little bit more money on quality meat, but eat a lot less of it. Think of meat as a side – not your main dish. And when there’s a great deal on meat, stock up and freeze it in meal sized portions. Invest in a vacuum sealer to nip freezer burn in the bud.
  • I’m also a huge advocate of hitting up the bulk aisle at your supermarket so you can buy only as much as you need – especially with things like spices that tend to lose their oopmh before you can use an entire bottle.
  • Finally, check out your local co-ops like Bountiful Baskets or hit up your local farm stand or farmer’s market to buy fresh, seasonal produce at a fraction of the cost. It will taste better, cause it’s fresh and local, and it should cost less. Buy flats of berries and stone fruits when they’re seasonal and freeze them – you’ll have awesome smoothies all year long!
6. What is your favorite dish?
I adore a good curry. Also, my mom’s meatloaf–especially the next day, cold and straight out of the fridge.
7. What is the one spice or herb everyone should have in their cabinet?
Cumin. You can use it in so many different cuisines. It’s not hot, but it adds incredible, smoky flavor.
8. What is your favorite cooking appliance?
I just got a sous vide and I’m kind of obsessed. I made my husband the most perfect medium rare steak the other day and I swear his eyes rolled back in his head when he took the first bite!
9. What is your go to dish when hosting a party or attending an event?
I’m all over the place – I hardly bring the same thing twice. But I love dips. I make this light Roasted Blue Cheese Walnut Dip that is crazy good. I’ll usually bring apple slices and some veggies to dip instead of crackers.
10. If you could eat one thing everyday without worrying about your health, what would it be?

Ice cream with Magic Shell topping. That stuff is from the devil, I’m pretty sure.

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