Ginger is such an amazing ingredient to have in your kitchen! It is a root that has much more benefits than adding zest to your dishes! You will find this in most grocery stores, usually right around garlic and onions. This yellow fleshed root is a super food and has a variety of health benefits, even when eaten in small doses!

The ginger root is said to have a healing qualities, including: improve inflammatory conditions, relieve pain, heal migraines, eliminate cancerous ovarian cells and rectal cancer cells!

Have you ever been told to drink ginger ale when fighting the stomach bug? The ginger will improve your immune system and make you feel better faster! But instead of the soda, some ginger tea might actually work better. It will also have the same immune boosting benefits by protecting you from the cold, the flu and coughing.

Now how can we use this fantastic little root!? It can be pickled, candied, baked, cooked, and even made into wine. One of my favorite ways to use ginger is making Ginger Tea. All you have to do is boil the ginger in water and add honey for a sweeter taste or orange/lemon for a zesty punch.

If you want to cook with it and add it into your dishes, a lot of Asian inspired recipes have ginger in it. Try making a skinny coconut rice side dish for your grilled chicken this summer. I also found this delicious  peanut ginger chicken!

Ginger is often used in landscaping in warmer climate areas because of it’s pretty pink flower buds that blooms into yellow flowers. Now wouldn’t that be fun to go out in your garden and grab some fresh ginger for your tea?!

Are you a ginger fan? How do you like to use ginger in your kitchen?