Dance Fitness Instructor: Ilyse Baker

LeAnn Rimes has gotten a lot of press about her long, lean, summer struttin’ body lately, so we called on her dance fitness instructor, Ilyse Baker, to give us the inside scoop as to how she gets that dancer-esque muscle tone. Ilyse Baker is an acclaimed dancer, a respected choreographer, expert dance and fitness instructor, and personal trainer who has worked with such celebrities as Rihanna, Cheryl Burke, Kim Lyons, Ricki Lake, Beth Littleford, and Daniella Monet. Ilyse is a Reebok Global Fitness Ambassador and the CEO/Founder of Dancinerate, which is a national dance fitness method for men and women of all fitness types, as well as a top ten trainer at FitOrbit.

Listed below are Ilyse’s 3 favorite dance moves to put LeAnn through for a fast paced, heart racing, blood pumping, booty shaking workout.

The LeAnn Rimes’s Dance Workout

Exercise 1: The Sneaker Strut

  1. Grab a pair of sneakers and find a hallway long enough to walk down.
  2. Place your right leg behind the left to start, slowly cross 1 leg at a time as your travel down the hall.
  3. Each move should be slow & precise so you can feel your core, calves & legs engaging.

***LeAnn always rocks the Sneaker Strut on the dance floor and on stage

Exercise 2: Bootylicious Buns

  1. Start with your feet hip width apart & place hands on hip.
  2. Bend your knees, & in a scoop motion, shift your hips to the right & squeeze your booty!
  3. Repeat to the left side.

Exercise 3: Dancer Abs : (video)

  1. Place your legs hip width apart & soften your knees.
  2. Shift your hips forward & engage your abs.
  3. Pump your arms & thrust your hips back and forth to the beat of the music!

***Now, that you have the moves, go ahead and clear a space in your living room.  Then, put together a 30 minute playlist that will energize you from the inside out.  Now you are ready to DANCE these moves 3 times x 10 minutes each = 30 minute workout

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