In the world of fitness, weight loss and womanhood there is always a stigma placed on size.  Some of us feel that the smaller the size of the jeans defines our self worth and our happiness…others of us feel like the number on the scale is our indicator of our true success.  Honestly, all of those are more than likely incorrect.

I have spent the last 7 years teaching women’s fitness.  From 2004-2010 I spent my time doing  mom type fitness. I watched moms lose weight and feel great and then I watched mom’s lose weight and feel like whatever they had lost wasn’t enough.  I have seen women jump so deeply into their weightloss journey that they lost sight of everything including their family and regular life.  Weightloss and fitness is a fine line…when to accept yourself for what you are and decide that you are the best you can be…the smallest size possible and when you are truly happy.

I will be honest, I like to wear one size smaller jean than I do currently.  I wore that size when I competed in my fitness competition and I felt like I looked great.  However, when I got up on stage and realized that there were women out there more fit than me; the happiness with that size of jeans quickly faded away and I began to feel inadequate again.  What did I learn about that size of those jeans? It could only be attained by strict diet, tremendous amounts of cardio and weight training and a considerable time away from my kids and family.  I thought about that this year when I considered competing again; did I want to do the diet, log hours at the gym and pretty much put my life on hold to train…the answer was NO.  My kids are young (4 and 6) and to train properly for the show I would miss helper days at school, practices, games and fun things with my family.  It just wasn’t worth it.  But I could still be a fit mom; I just didn’t have to hand my entire life over to fitness.

I have told Brooke and the other skinnymom’s more than once that when people lose a considerable amount of weight that I think they should see a mental health specialist to learn to deal with their “new” self.  A lot of times the weight loss defines and consumes the person for so long, that they forget where they have come from and have no real direction where they are going.  I have seen women who have lost over 100 lbs think that their weight loss was inadequate and resort to diet pills, fat burners, and fad diets to lose more weight.  I have seen it ruin friendships, marriages and lives.

So what is my take home message?  Not many people have the bodies that look like those in the magazines…remember those girls do that for living and that is their job…to look good.  The size on your pants isn’t an indicator of success, self worth or who you are.  Make goals that you can achieve: For instance..running a 5k, half marathon or longer; lifting heavy weights than you did last month; losing inches not pounds; being able to keep up with your kids without getting exhausted…are just a few examples.  Your happiness has to come from more than weight loss…because if the number on the scale is the only thing that defines you; one day you are going to realize that you are never going to be happy.  Finally, slip ups occur just get back on the wagon and get moving again and most importantly achieve your success on YOUR OWN…don’t use pills, fads or short cuts.  The best thing about being accountable to yourself is that even though you have to take responsibility for your stumbles and falls; you get to take full credit for your successes.

Have a great week everyone.