My fitness vision board in my gym notebook, all moms!

I’ve been doing some research lately regarding goal setting and goal achievement. One thing that I noticed about myself and others is that it’s easy to get inspired to accomplish something, but it’s another to STAY inspired. See, what happens is, we see something that we find appealing and immediately we want it, we NEED it! Every inch of our body is screaming for it! But what happens the next day? We forget all about it or realize that it’s going to take a lot more effort than we can put in so we just keep living our lives as is.

Well, what I’ve discovered is a possible solution to achieving all that we quench out of life, enter the vision board. In just about as simple as it gets, I’m going to guide you on the path to creating your very own vision board. First, set aside some quiet alone time to yourself (yes I know you’re asking me what that is, but just know I am in the same boat). Think about all of your goals, dreams, and desires that you’ve been dying to accomplish. Now think about 9 more. This is going to be your “wish list” and on this wish list I want you to write down (in ink!) 10 wishes for yourself. For example; do you want to go back to school, switch careers, learn to Salsa, lose 10 lbs? Well, write it down! If you come up with more or less then write it down, sister.

Using your wish list, use old magazines or buy some new ones (if you can) and find pictures that reflect your wishes. Cut these images out and paste them in whatever pattern or order you desire onto a poster board. Add some color, glitter, motivational words, phrases, confetti; whatever your heart desires. Just make this poster the gateway to your future.

Now, here’s the hard part, post it where you will see it first thing in the morning and /or throughout the day so you can visualize your goals and yourself achieving them. Little by little, you may discover that you’re taking steps every single day to accomplish these goals. Before you know it, you’ll need a new board.

Carpe Diem!