So, I must confess there has been one ¬†thing (among many!) in my life that I have not completed and it DRIVES me crazy… It’s running & actually COMPLETING a full, 26.2 marathon. That’s it. I said it. Now that I put it out there, I have to give my background info (not excuses) as to why I physically cannot get over this hurdle.

So, 4 years ago, I decided to get involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma society to raise money and train for the Columbus Marathon. I started in May and about 2 months into it, I had just completed my 16 mile run, I hurt so badly, I had to tip-toe around ¬†for the rest of the weekend. I remember the pain was so excruciating! I took Aleve, iced, stretched, you name it, I did it. Finally, I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon. That’s when I got the news: you won’t be running the marathon. Your IT band is severely inflamed, you can try, but you won’t make it through. I was devastated. Not only had I been running on Wed. nights & sacrificing my social life on Friday nights for 6:00am Saturday runs, I had told everyone I was running this race. I was so embarrassed… and frustrated!

This is where my LONG path to recovery begins… The money I have spent on: shoes, inserts, massage therapy, chiropractor services, a foam roller, physical therapy, 2 steroid injections in my knee & 1 in my hip… NOTHING WORKS! After giving up on running, I distracted myself with NFL cheerleading, but I want my hobby back! I was sadly reminded this past weekend when I tried to run the Flying Pig 5k… 1 mile into my run, the side of my knee was burning with pain and then I spent Sunday paying for it. So, here I am, back to the beginning. I revisited the Dr. (finally) and I am back to physical therapy. I need some resolution to this issue… it’s becoming my obsession and a pain in my, you know what now! Please send me your suggestions!