My husband and I couldn’t be anymore different. I was always a creative, think outside the box type of kid while he was a definite, literal guy. These characteristics have remained fairly intact as we have grown into adults and I could not have been more excited when our oldest was able to play and show her creative, imaginative side. My daughter was almost 18 months old and we were playing with Potato Heads next to her mini-kitchen. I was dressing one up as a Princess to show her how they worked, when she lovingly patted me on the shoulder, said “Silly Mama, no dress potatoes, eat potatoes!” and proceeded to fry up the Potato Head formerly known as Princess. Through this, and many other fun and unique play times with my oldest and now my youngest daughter, I have learned that creativity comes in so many different forms that it is truly astounding. Enter a fabulous opportunity –

With 40 years of experience studying how children learn and create, Susan Marcus, Susie Monday, and Cynthia Herbert, PhD. have written an amazing book, The Missing Alphabet: A Parents’ Guide to Developing Creative Thinking in Kids. This is a must have read for parents and educators wishing to help their children develop and expand upon their own ability to be innovative and to solve problems using their creativity. This book, or creativity creator as I am given to calling it now, helps teach adults how to help children develop their natural strengths and to expand upon their own unique type of creativity. This is a must read and own for any parent who realizes that our children are a part of a unique era where there is so much technology and abstract ideas that require thinking across the spectrum. Parents and adults who are hoping to inspire creativity in any and all children can gain so much from this amazing treasure map to finding creativity in even the most literal child, like my oldest!

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