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I love movies. I also love being able to zip up my pre-baby jeans. Some days those two things battle back and forth in my head. Do I continue on my regimented workout schedule in an attempt to lose those last few pounds? Or do I give myself some down time to watch a movie with the kids?

After asking ourselves that question repeatedly, a couple of girlfriends and I decided to combine the two and make exercising a little more fun. Being a self-admitted Harry Potter nerd, I instilled the help of fellow athletic, wizard-loving ladies and we made up our own HARRY POTTER WORKOUT!

harry potter workout

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Now one can Google “Harry Potter Workouts” and find a multitude of options, so by all means, find one that works for you. Or you can do what we did and combine the ingredients from here and there to create the perfect potion for you. Not wanting to have too much down time between scenes, we came up the following list to help us obtain that magical physique while getting lost in the wizarding world. Get ready to say, “ACCIO HOT BODY!”

When a spell is cast: 10 jumping jacks

House points awarded: 10 lunges

House point lost: 10 squats

Hagrid says, “Shouldn’t have told ye that…”: 30 jumping jacks

Paintings, newspapers or photos talk: 15 crunches

Anytime “He who must not be named”, “You-Know-Who” or “The Dark Lord” is said: 10 mountain climbers

Ron says, “Bloody Hell”: 20 high knees

Duration of someone flying on a broom: Stretch

harry potter

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Someone cries: 20 crunches

Voldemort’s name is said: 10 pushups

Each time a ghost talks: 10 pushups

“Patronus” is said: 10 power-jacks

Harry’s scar hurts: 10 Supermans

“Gryffindor”, “Slytherin”, “Hufflepuff” or “Ravenclaw” is said – 10 crunches

Professor’s first name is used: 10 switch kicks

A magical creature is introduced: 10 tricep pushups

harry potter

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Harry gets hurt: 15 squat hops

Twins talk in unison: 10 Heismans

Anyone says or drinks Polyjuice Potion: 10 burpees

A wide shot of Hogwarts castle is shown: 10 ski downs

See the Hogwarts Express: 20 high knees with elbows

Snape says, “POTTER!”: 20 wide leg jogs

These exercises keep you on your feet throughout any of the eight films. The best part is coming up with your own twist on the exercises and tweaking the rules to your magical preference. Jog in place anytime Professor Flitwick is talking, add more crunches whenever Harry’s scar is mentioned, hold a plank while they are in Diagon Alley. The possibilities are endless! So have fun and say “AVADA KEDAVRA!” to love handles!