I’ve always believed in detoxing your body regularly, but have just recently become a fan of the “lemon movement”.  After scouring the internet for natural remedies concerning skin and detoxing, I started to add a warm cup of lemon water to my daily routine.  So why Lemon Water?

  1. First things first!  Lemon water is wonderful in promoting dental care.  Not only can dabbing it on a sore tooth help ease the pain, but drinking it in the mornings can help decrease that bad breath we all wake up to in the morning. Show me a coffee that does that!!
  2. Lemon water can help out your digestive system.  It promotes regularity by aiding in waste elimiation.  It can also help out with that heartburn and indigestion caused by that Mexican you just had to have last night!!
  3.  Numbers 2 and 3 go hand in hand.  It’s no secret that going to the bathroom regularly can help with weight loss!!
  4. It is a natural sore throat remedy. While doing music and theatre, whenever I felt a sore throat coming on, I will always mix a nice warm cup of water with lemon, and a tsp of honey for a delicious throat coat.  Lemon water can also help reduce phlegm…that yummy gunk of spit that tends to build up during sinus and allergy season!
  5.  By far my favorite thing about Lemon Water is it’s ability to help purify your skin.  What you put in your body shows on the outside!  Lemon water can reduce your blackheads and wrinkles, giving you a younger looking glow!  You might also apply it to burns to help reduce scarring and ease your burning pain!

So start adding Lemon Water to your daily routine.  It’s too easy and amazing to pass up.  Plus it beats the cost of your Starbucks Latte!