How many of us have actually picked up a pen lately and written our thoughts or lists by hand? I am guilty of grabbing the laptop or the phone and typing out various things that pop into my whirlwind of a mind. I managed to keep a journal for about a year when I was a young teenager. I still have it and have read through my opinions and daily doings several times since then and get a great big chuckle out of it all. Some entries are very profound: “I love Jordan Knight.” (circa 1991). And some are even more profound: “It makes me mad when the boys think they are so much better than the girls at volleyball. Boys at my school are just s.t.u.p.i.d.” (entry from a little later that year).

As a “grown-up,” there are a few things that I do write by hand several times per week. There is prayer notebook that I use when I read and pray over my Bible devotions. By notebook, I mean a cute little soybean record notebook (my Dad and I love these). It is a good size, but not so pretty. Random backs of envelopes have also become the canvas for workout ideas and grocery lists. When I opened my daily email update yesterday from the always inspiring, Roo Mag, I was so excited! One of the awesome bloggers from Roo Mag created some beautiful printable journaling pages. These pages are so pretty and will come in very handy for all of your lists and ideas that come to mind.

I can’t wait to print these out and bind them! I may just start journaling other more profound things as well. “I still love Jordan Knight.” ( circa Oct. 2012). Or even: “Ok, so the boys at school are not stupid, but my girls and I hereby challenge them to a volleyball game.” (also circa Oct. 2012). 😀

Click here to print the journaling pages.