These past few weeks have been very stressful for me. With my upcoming wedding, work, workouts and school I have been feeling like nothing can calm me. I was even so stressed one day last week that I called my fiance to tell him that I was quitting school because I just couldn’t do it anymore and that we should just call off the wedding and go get married somewhere privately some random weekend. Not to mention the fact that when I stepped on the scale last week, I was only down .4 pounds which really sent me into a crazy woman downward spiral! With all of this craziness going on and my head spinning non-stop, I was convinced there was nothing that could take me away from it all or give me any sense of sanity. I was wrong.

Saturday afternoon, midway through my workout, my son began to throw down blankets, pillows and stuffed animals from his room into the living room. I immediately hopped off the treadmill and asked him what in the heck he was doing. “It’s a surprise mommy, you’ll see!” He enthusiastically responded. Next came the chairs that he moved from the dining room into the living room. Then over the chairs went the covers as he slowly but surely began to build himself an awesome little fort.



Finally he walked into the kitchen, grabbed my hand and with a huge smile on his face said, “C’mom mommy, come see.” He ran into the living room and into his fort. As I crouched down to see, he peaked his little head out and said,”Look mommy, I have two spots. One for me and the special princess spot for you.” And sure enough, he had set up a pile of his favorite stuffed animals, his most comfy pillow as well as his favorite blanket… all for me.¬† With a smile on my face and that “melty mom” feeling inside, I entered the fort and sat down. Within seconds of taking my place in the princess spot, there he was beside me giving me the sweetest of snuggles. And just when I though the moment couldn’t get any better he looked at me and said, “Does¬† it help mommy? Do you feel better? I thought the special princess spot would help you relax.” And sure enough, for that moment at least, it did. So thanks to my little Liam, who despite only being 9 years old, has a heart big enough to recognize when his mommy is in need of a good ole princes spot in the fort! The stresses are still there of course, but at least with a little help from my son, I know a great way to melt them away.

Liam & I in the fort!