Me and Liam

This past week I had the pleasure of spending some real quality time with my son. It was his Spring Break and instead of shuffling around trying to figure out who could watch him during the day while I was at work, I made good use of some of my extra vacation time I had and took the week off to spend with him. Initially I was a little worried, we had no plans and I was admittedly tight on cash. I thought he’d be bored in no time and be wishing he were off doing something else. To the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that in a world where video games, Ipads and extravagant vacations are in high demand, Liam was not only satisfied with the little things, he actually preferred them this week.

To begin, we spent each morning sleeping in and snuggling then headed downstairs to have breakfast in the fort we made in the living room. The afternoons consisted of one on one basketball at the court by our house, talking, laughing and even a few stops at our local frozen yogurt spot. In the evenings, we had pillow fights, popped popcorn and watched movies in the fort. One afternoon we even took a drive with the top down on the convertable and Liam discovered an unknown love for the combination of sunshine and Bob Marley songs.

During this week I looked at Liam and really began to realize how quickly our children grow. It seemed that in the blink of an eye, my sweet little baby was rapidly on his way to becoming a grown boy, and soon enough a man. He’s at the age these days where when among his friends, he hesitates to hug and kiss me goodbye and has to whisper that he loves me so the other boys won’t hear him. But this week, I had my baby back and I could not have asked for anything more than the smiles, giggles, kisses, hugs and snuggles that came with it. At the end of the week I asked my son if he had fun on his Spring Break with mommy, he replied by smiling, saying yes and that he wished his break could have been two weeks instead of one. So remember, sometimes when all you have is time on your hands and nothing but your child and yourself to fill it, don’t take that for granted. You’d be surprised to know that more often then not, those three things are the only combination you truly need to reconnect, rediscover and find some joy in the little things.