Does doing 8 loads of laundry count as a workout? I wanted to work out over the weekend but I had mountains of laundry haunting me and hubby was complaining he didn’t have any socks or underwear. The forever messy laundry room is on the first floor- all the laundry generates on the second floor. I could have smacked my forehead thinking about how we passed up building a house with a second floor laundry room thinking it was odd. Didn’t have the foresight that I’d like to keep the laundry upstairs near the closets and dressers they go in (if lucky). Okay sometimes the clean “folded” clothes never make it to their proper containers. Most days we live out of the laundry baskets. This drives my husband bonkers by the way.

Since I had to carry eight heavy baskets of clothes up and down the stairs I wondered how much of a workout I was getting.  It was heavy; I felt a struggle at times. Maybe I was doing myself some good to tackle the insane laundry crisis at my house.  So I did some internet research to see if I could find out how many calories I may have burned and found a neat calculator on After plugging in my weight, height, age and sex, I found out I burned 54 calories an hour doing that task. Not bad. Maybe if I did squats while I moved the wet clothes into the dryer I could knock off a couple more! I don’t think the calculator added the stair climbing workout I got going up and down between the floors. So maybe, just maybe I burned more than expected. As a blissfully busy mom and wife, I will take whatever workout I can get. Most days my head is spinning and I am amazed I keep track of all the things I do.  Getting in some calorie burning is fine by me! Now, how do I stop snacking on cheese crackers?