Athletes all over the world use equipment based on increasing their reflexes and their footwork. Two of the top pieces of equipment are the ladder and the cross. I use the term “equipment” loosely, because you can recreate this gear with household items. Using some tape, make a ladder at least 10 squares long. Make sure they are at least 2 x 2 feet.

This workout will boost your strength, speed and coordination.

Moving Push Ups: Get into a plank position outside the right end of the ladder. Move to the left with your left arm and leg and go down to a push up position. Come back up, bring your right arm and leg back in and step out again to the left; repeating the push up. Your hands should hit every square; every time you get into push up position, your hands should be in separate squares. 


Side to Sides or Zig-Zags: This one gets a little difficult, so pay very close attention. Stand on either side of your ladder. Step your closest foot in the first square. Follow the other foot in. Kick the first foot outside the square and follow with the other. Repeat the shuffle back and forth in opposite order, advancing through the ladder. Make sure to weave through every square and keep trying to increase your speed. 


Double Step: Tap both your feet in each square before advancing to the next one. So you step in with your right foot first, quickly follow with the left, then forward into the next with your right again. Make sure to stay on the balls of your feet and go as quickly as you can! 


In and Outs: Alternate hopping forward with your feet together and apart down the ladder. Hop into the first square with both your feet. Jump forward to the next square, but this time straddle it. Your feet should land outside each side of the square. Jump to the next one and land with both your feet in the ladder. Think hopscotch! 


Single Leg Hops: Pick one leg to stand and balance on. Keep the raised leg up to create at least at a 90 degree angle and hop once in each square. Again, go as fast as you can and focus on the balls of your feet. Don’t let your raised foot drop! When you have reached the end of the ladder you can either sprint back to the start or you can turn around and hop on the opposite foot back.