Hi, Skinny Moms! My name is Jenna Seeley, and I’m excited to share my weight loss story with you! I have lost 110 pounds sticking to a strict 1400 calorie daily diet. I have 38 pounds to go until I make my goal/healthy weight. I have found that treating myself once or twice a month to a favorite (non-diet) meal out (with dessert and drinks!) helps me to stay on track. It is important to enjoy food every single day, and it is important to treat yourself. Being kind to yourself while dieting goes a very long way.

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How many times do you fall off the wagon? How many times do you say, “tomorrow I will be good”? How many times a day are you starving and ready to give in and eat an entire bag of Cheetos and a box of Little Debbie cakes? The truth is that it will happen. You will have a terrible day that begins and ends with eating. The best part is that the next morning is an entire new day to get back on track.

My 1400 calorie diet is 1400 calories of MY choice and to be honest, that includes a lot of pizza (it is a weakness) and a lot of chocolate. The difference though is that now that I am loosing weight—I INCLUDE those favorites into my daily calorie count. If I have a glazed donut from Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, I add those 240 calories into my day. If I have a huge slice of pizza for lunch, I add those 400 calories to daily total. For me, it makes dieting enjoyable and manageable. Since I am more of a quantity type girl- I will also pair that slice of pizza with a huge salad so that I am full and satisfied. Or I will enjoy that donut but promise to take a cardio fitness class the next day. You have to make it work for yourself. The best part of it is that I see results every single day. I feel the extra energy I have not carrying around 110 pounds. I feel my jeans hanging a bit looser from my waist, I am starting to see my collarbones that disappeared during my first pregnancy… it just makes those “38 pounds to go” pretty exciting. I’m doing it! Are you?