A great deal of my childhood was spent playing hide-and-seek under tables topped with crisp white linens, amusing myself with Simon-Says with classically-trained executive chefs, and even learning the ins-and-outs of table-side prepared fettuccine. I am the child of a highly-ambitious restaurateur and credit him for my passion for food.

At a very early age I learned how beautiful food can be and how important it is to use only the best ingredients. Now, as a mother and wife, I am fully committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients for my family as well.

As a mom who is still losing those last 10 stubborn pregnancy pounds, my personal strategy is to eat “clean & healthy” versus eating processed “low fat”.  This helps me stay in line with my own philosophy on dining:  it’s not what you eat but how you eat. Consider the French who make eating an experience filled with laughter and fellowship being given equal weight as the wine and gourmet food items. Meals can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, and the preparation of the meal takes all day. McDonald’s is an insult and don’t even think about scarfing down a grilled chicken sandwich from a drive-thru in your car!!

This way of life is not only important for my own personal weight-loss, but also for the health of my kids. Our 5 year old loves “white broccoli” [aka cauliflower] and he knows exactly how to perfectly season his piece of wild-caught salmon before it hits the pan. We make memories in the kitchen while I’m passing down the same passion for food that my own father did to me. By my son’s involvement with the cooking process, he feels proud to let daddy taste the food he prepared! Don’t get me wrong– once in a while I let him ‘be a kid’ and splurge on chicken nuggets–just don’t tell him they are the all natural ones from Whole Foods with no antibiotics and whole wheat breading! As for my three-month old, well, she eats what I eat. A topic on its own– nursing has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done!

I am excited to share all my tips, ideas, philosophies, recipes and thoughts with all of you! One of my main goals is to hopefully re-wire our “limitation” mindsets and help all of us appreciate not only our meals and ingredients but more importantly our way of life. Let’s all slow down and savor what we have, one bite and memory at a time.

I look forward to hearing your comments and questions.