High heels, we all love them, but we can’t always wear them.  In your 20’s, sure, the higher the better.  You looked great and you felt great.  But, now that you’re running around with the kids all day and your feet probably already hurt, the last thing you want to do at night is put on five inch heels.  Of course, we all still want to feel sexy when we go out so we give those heels a try, and hope for the best.

But, not to worry, there are always other options out there for you to look good and feel sexy without risking twisting your ankle!  Kitten heels are always a great choice, they look appropriate and they are very easy to walk in.  Kitten heels are perfect for a night out with your hubby when you’re just wearing jeans or for the office with your favorite pair of slacks.  Also, don’t forget about flats.  They would most likely be considered the smart choice since there is hopefully, no risk or injury.  Thankfully flats have been very popular lately so you can find them in almost any color or print for every outfit.  They are also a smart choice for any occasion.  If you do still want to try the highest heels you own, go for it, they’ll still look amazing on you.  At least now you know, you shouldn’t feel like high heels are the only choice out there!