I was first introduced to The Gracious Pantry by a friend about a month ago. I found the site appealing due to the fact that author, Tiffany, is a stay-at-home mother of one who is focused on clean eating and recipe development for her family. I found her story as a former model, turned overweight mother, who struggled in finding comfort in food all to relatable for so many moms. (You can read more about that here). Above all, as I strummed through her recipes, I found the clean options and variety of choices that she offers very helpful.

The name “Gracious Pantry” sounds pretty friendly too, right? I liked that too. You can also imagine my intrigue when I read a byline to one of her recent blog posts that started, “Please excuse what you are about to read. While it may offend some…” Of course, I clicked the link to read more. Who wouldn’t?

In this article Tiffany debates the fact that many people defend their unhealthy eating with a variety of reasoning instead of just simply accepting they practice unhealthy eating. It got me thinking. Why is this? Don’t get me wrong, I certainly have my days of indulging in some of my favorite non-healthy treats. However, I know it’s unhealthy. I wonder if people who might eat less than healthy may not know how their eating habits are unhealthy? Could it be due to a lack of knowledge? Lack of interest?

No matter the reason – this post provides a good point to ponder. Check out the Gracious Pantry blog post and let me know – do you have anyone in your life that defends their unhealthy eating habits? Why do you think this is?