Now that I can safely (and sometimes unfortunately) say that I’m over halfway through my 20s, there are quite a few things I’ve learned along the way about living these years to their fullest. I may have thought that I was in great shape when I was 16, but there are things that my body and mind can do now that my teenage self would have easily cowered from.


Invest in yourself. Take those few extra dollars and put them towards the registration fee of a great race with a few of your girlfriends. There’s nothing like The Color Run to get the heart rate going, legs moving, and to put a huge smile on your face. A great pair of heels cost more, are a lot more painful, and can’t live up to the fun you’ll have at the post-race festival.

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You’re impressionable. You’re still young and you’re still making up your mind. Try that CrossFit class that looks way too hard. Sample every type of food you can imagine. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one type of activity. Keep your options open to exploring and learning about new tastes and flavors. Keep your mind just as fueled as your body.


Get in the habit of seeing your doctors regularly. Yes, you’re healthy now; and those big, scary things that usually affect women years older than us are far from your mind, but it’s better to be aware. Scheduling visits to your dentist and gynecologist seem yucky. But your teeth can be indicators of other problems, and your ob-gyn can give you the peace of mind you sometimes need.


Stay motivated. Time is on your side. Gather all of the wisdom and knowledge you can right now. Use everything you learn to propel yourself forward into the living the best possible life you could have ever imagined. Strive for those career goals. Push yourself to be the best family-woman there is. Meet new people, network, socialize, and be friendly.

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Live healthy, happy, and determined. You’re in your 20s and that’s something to celebrate. We’re the first generation to benefit from our mothers and grandmothers pushing through societal norms to give us everything they wanted. Take advantage of that.