My wonderful mother-in-law is giving my children the gift of music this Christmas. She bought us a beautiful piano for our home. It will be delivered right before Christmas. She always wished she had one growing up and learned how to play piano. I think this is an extremely generous yet most wonderful gift. I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d have a beautiful, new piano in our home. I thought maybe someday we’d pick up a free one from someone that didn’t want theirs any more. I feel blessed that we will have this beautiful instrument for many years to come. It will probably grace one of my own children’s home someday.

No one in our house knows how to play the piano.  We are hoping that at least one of our three children pick it up and run with it. I know I want all of them to learn a musical instrument and a piano is a lovely one to learn. Thinking about having my son, who is almost nine years old, start the lessons I am transported back to my childhood piano lessons. Remember I said no one plays in our house? It is true. I cannot play. I did take many lessons as a child but for some reason I did not grasp it. Maybe I wasn’t motivated enough or maybe I just do not have any musical talent. My three brothers all play instruments and two of them are pianists. One took lessons and was a natural the other taught himself. He was that motivated to learn. I really admire that. I’d hope there are some of those family genes that will allow me to learn to play as well.

I wondered if a woman in her early 40s could learn to play a complicated instrument like the piano. I am trying to be positive and believe I WILL learn to play it. I WANT to learn to play it. I MUST learn to play it. I admit I feel a bit of anxiety setting that goal for myself. I am a bit impatient and fear I will expect to learn right away. Of course I am not expecting to turn into Beethoven – but I hope to play some songs that resemble songs I love to hear on the piano. I will at least learn the songs my son will learn. I may sit beside him and try to learn with him.  We can support each other.

I read some interesting facts of the benefits of children learning how to play the piano:

  1. Children that learn an instrument generally perform better on tests in school.
  2. Learning the piano raises their self-esteem. With every song they learn they gain confidence.
  3. Piano lessons increases coordination.  They need to learn to make their hands do different things at the same time.
  4. Piano lessons help children concentrate. It helps them think critically and more clearly.
  5. Piano lessons make them better-rounded.  They are exposed to classical music they otherwise would not know.

I am excited my children will take lessons over the years. I hope one or more loves it and really flourishes.  I hope I do as well.