Despite the sugar buzz from the delicious treats, ooey-gooey truffles, and chocolate covered strawberries, we know the real feeling behind Valentine’s Day is the act of caring because it’s the thought that really counts. Even though those conversation hearts are adorable (read: addicting), there’s just something they can’t truly say. From your husband, best friends, and kiddos, we found the perfect crafts. Here are 10 DIY gifts that are straight from the heart and made with your own hands.


Valentine Wreath with Mod Podge and Photo: Commemorate a special moment for your loved ones with this awesome, personalized wreath. Maybe use mom and dad’s vintage wedding photo to make them a gift that will last a lifetime.


Felt Fortune Cookies:  These are the perfect little gifts that family and friends will love and find very thoughtful.  Fill them with sweet notes or even some candy too!


Made with Love Cookies:  These sweet treats are perfect for neighbors, friends, or even teachers around the holiday.  Easy to make and assemble, the jars are the perfect little touch that keep them fresh and stylish!


Valentine’s Day Fort: This is a perfect gift for the kids. They’ll be so excited when they wake up or come home from school and see a huge love fort in their house! This will give them the perfect little celebratory space to share their Valentine’s Day cards from school. They may ask you if they can keep it up longer than just Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Win It In Minutes This is a fabulous game to play at a Valentine’s Day party with friends. The game comes with instructions and super-cute printables to make yourself.  And hey, it’s a great excuse to have a grown up party! All you need is some fun paper to print them on!


Valentine Cookie Decorating Kit:  This kit is absolutely perfect for friends and teachers.  Fill it with your favorite cookie, colorful icing, sprinkles and the printable poem, and you’re kids will be their teacher’s favorites.

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Valentine’s Advent Calendar:  This calendar is filed with fun for the whole family.  Add personalized notes or fun activities for the family on certain days that both you and your kids will enjoy!


“Open When” Letters:  This is a very thoughtful gift that all hubbies will love! Can also be a great gift to personalize for your kids. It may take some time, but it’s totally worth it and such a sentimental surprise.


“I Love You Because” Board:  Such a sweet gift that the whole family can join in on. Easy to make and inexpensive to buy, you can really get creative with some of the reasons you love someone! Plus, what better way to start the morning than with a sweet message from your family?!


Chair-Back Valentine Envelope:  This is an easy, felt craft to make and the kids will love coming home from school to check what surprise you placed in their envelope!  Personalize it with their names or let them pick their envelope colors at the craft store to hype up the 14 days of fun!

cheesecake stuffed strawberries

A bonus gift idea, and our most favorite, is a surprise sweet treat of Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries! At only 17 calories a pop, these are waistline friendly and delectable!