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How do you measure up? You eat right, you make sure to get your workouts in, you’re even consistent with journaling in your fitbook – yet the scale doesn’t budge – can you say “FRUSTRATING!?!” Being a slave to the scale is not only frustrating – it is unhealthy!!

Our body weight fluctuates daily – from what we eat, to holding water from an intense workout, or simply from hormones! There is nothing worse than feeling  absolutely fabulous – only to step on the scale and seen a gain. UGH!! Talk about a mood shifter!!

It’s time to ditch – smash – throw out – run over with the car…..(ok you get the idea ) the scales, and start tracking your progress with the right tools! Like the fit tools kit by  fitlosophy (the BRILLIANT people behind the fitbook).  The “fit tools kit” shows you how to track your #’s the RIGHT way – with a body tape measure and body fat calipers. These “fit tools” will show you the REAL progress you are making – no more scale mind games!!

Simply measure where you are now, set some achievable goals with the enclosed guide, and track your progress! Using the “fit tools kit” on a weekly basis will help you see how your body is changing – for REAL!!

I ditched my scale years ago after being tired of the tug of war effect it had on my mood. It’s time YOU did to!! Get a “fit tool kit” and start the New Year with a NEW healthy way of obtaining your goals!

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