Our local farmer’s market is set up! You know what that means??? Yummy fresh LOCAL fruits and veggies for us! They set up yesterday and the hubby and I have already been there twice. We’ve gotten the juiciest, BIGGEST oranges I’ve ever seen. We’ve also gotten tomatoes (that he and our youngest say are really yummy—the oldest and I don’t like tomatoes), cantaloupe, nectarines, potatoes, and some local blackberry honey that I can’t wait to try! Now yes, I realize that some of this “local” fare isn’t really local to my town. Oranges really don’t grow in Colorado. However, I love the small town feel of buying my fruits and veggies from a stand and getting greats deals! Five dollars for an eight-pound bag of oranges? Yes, please! Oh, and they have peaches, but I’m holding out for the Palisade peaches. Yum. 🙂

I’m sure we’ll visit this and other stands many times this summer. What’s your favorite find at farmer’s markets???