I like to read up on tips and tricks on how to get fit. I keep reading that you need to get a good night sleep to help you lose weight.  I remember sleep…before I had kids. After my busy day as mom, wife and daycare provider 9pm to midnight is my “me” time to hang out with hubby, clean up from the day, and most importantly to keep up with my favorite TV sitcoms and dramas. So as much as I want to go to bed at 9pm, it rarely happens.

Around midnight, I finally get to snuggle up with my pillow in my queen sized bed.  As I finally drift into dreamland, I am woken by my 4 year old daughter.  I escort her to the bathroom and then take her back to her bedroom.  Of course she is scared and insists I lay with her for a few minutes. I lie in her toddler sized bed and drift back to sleep. Some nights I sleep there for 10 minutes and some nights it is an hour or more before I wake and realize I need to go to my own bed. Around 2:40 am is when my 6 year old son usually appears at my bed side. Some nights he claps his hands by my face and yells “Mommy!” This abruptly wakes me. He also needs to use the bathroom and wants me to escort him.

Why do they go to my side of the bed and not Daddy’s? It is because Daddy sleeps like the dead and it is wasted effort to try to wake him before 7am. My son isn’t as willing to go back to his bed as my daughter. He wants to crawl in-between my husband and I. He says sleeping up against Daddy’s back is the best place in the world. I agree. He usually puts up a fight if I attempt to escort him back to bed.  I am not awake enough to have this argument, so most nights he crawls in. I drift back after getting punched and kicked by my little soccer stud.  Just in time for my daughter to realize I left and come crawling in-between my son and I. Needless to say I rarely get a good night sleep. Usually by 4am I move to the family room and put on the news. Will a good night sleep be one of the tricks I use to lose weight? I highly doubt it. What’s funny is I was the firm parent. I trained my oldest to sleep alone all night and started the process with my other two. Why the change? One word: Daddy. He believes if they need us at night we should cuddle and comfort them. His saving grace is he gets kicked and punched most of the night too.