organic fruit and vegetables at grocery store

Every year the EWG (Environmental Working Group) comes up with a list of fruits and vegetables that are highly affected by chemicals and pesticides. Scientists do this in hopes that you will attempt to buy these produce items organically, for healthier eating for you and your family. This lists typically remains consistent with the same “dirty” dozen, but this year there have been a few new items added to the list from several other sources (via Rodale News). Take a look, and reap the benefits by going organic!

Your Dirty Dozen:

1. Apples: This popular fruit topped the year’s list of fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides. If you’re concerned about pesticides, apples are one of the fruits you should definitely buy organic.

fresh red apples

2. Strawberries: Samples of strawberries tested positive for 13 different pesticides each (via Rodale News).

pile of fresh strawberries

3. Grapes: It was reviewed, that a single grape tested positive for 15 pesticides (via Rodale News).

4. Celery

5. Peaches


6. Spinach

7. Sweet Bell Peppers

8. Nectarines (Imported)

9. Cucumbers


10. Cherry Tomatoes

11. Snap Peas (Imported)

12. Potatoes: The average potato has more pesticides by weight than any other food (via Rodale News).

White Potatoes


New Additions To The List:

13. Kale

Small bunch of kale on white background

14. Collard Greens

15. Hot Peppers

16. Zucchini

17. Lettuce

18. Blueberries


Check out Good Housekeeping and Eating Well for more information on these “dirty” foods, and their list of “clean” ones as well!