There has been much focus on PTSD in soldiers who return from war, but little focus on the spouses who have to deal with life without their loved ones during a deployment. Many military spouses are left to take care of the children, house, bills, work, and life alone with no help. They find themselves in a place where they do not know anyone and feel completely alone. Though the military offers MANY different options to cope during these times, it is hard for the military spouse to accept the fact that they are depressed and frankly there may not be enough time to even realize it.

Why am I talking about depression when I am such a positive person? Because I have finally acknowledged that I can become depressed when my husband leaves me. I have been through several deployments and made it out sane, but a thirty day training session set me back. I did not realize that I was depressed until my husband came back and he noticed that I was acting differently, and I knew it too. I began researching why I was feeling this way and refused to take any medications. I began to spoke with my husband about things that make me happy and began doing my own research.

After conducting some research, I found many ways to cope with depression while my husband is away. Some of these ways to deal with depression are getting into a routine. This can be creating a planner or calendar to make sure that your mind is balanced. Another way to cope is to exercise. Many don’t realize the importance of exercise until after you complete a nice workout. You feed off of all the endorphins that are released into your body. Finally, another way to cope is to eat healthy. A clean plate equals a clear mind and healthy body.

Do not ever be afraid to speak to someone about how you are feeling. Talking about how you feel will help you recognize that you need to change something in your life. If you think that you are depressed turn to a friend, family member, or professional help. We only live one life and we want to live one without depression.

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Below are some websites to help recognize depression and how to treat it: