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The Breakfast Struggle

Source: www.parents.com

We have all heard for many years how very important breakfast is for everyone to start the day. I am not a huge fan of breakfast foods, but I always make sure I get something in my system an hour or so after waking. My 4 year old on the other hand could care less if she eats anything until around 10:00 AM. Sometimes she is awake as early as 6:00 AM and could easily not eat anything until that time. She loves breakfast foods like pancakes, French toast, sausage, and fruit, but most of the time I struggle to get her to eat these things. However, if I offered her a candy bar at that time of the morning she would jump at the chance! I choose not the keep things like pop tarts in our house because she would choose to eat those at any chance she could get, and frankly it isn’t really that different than offering your child a candy bar as they walk out the door to school. Look at how the numbers stack up:


Snickers Bar                                                                          2 Pastries (Pop Tart)
Sugar: 30 grams                                                                      Sugar: 36 grams
Fat: 14 grams                                                                            Fat: 10 grams
Calories: 280                                                                            Calories: 380
Total Carbs: 35 grams                                                           Total Carbs: 35 grams

For now, she is in preschool and won’t attend class until the afternoon session so I am not overly concerned about her eating breakfast until later, however when she starts kindergarten I am concerned that she will be STARVING by the time lunch comes around.

I have gotten her to eat a banana or a piece of toast earlier in the morning, but again it is always a struggle. What are your thoughts on the breakfast topic? Do you have a picky breakfast eater or one that is not hungry right away? Would you go ahead and purchase pop tarts and sugary snacks that your child would eat for breakfast, just to get something in their stomach?