Photo Credit: Woman’s Day

I read a quote last night that really hit home for me:

“Junk food you have craved for an hour or the body you have craved for a lifetime”

You can save the cheese puffs, brownies or potato chips for a few moments of pleasure or you can choose the lean, fit body you want. I know when I indulge (ok, I mean gorge) on potato chips or cheese puffs I am enjoying it for the few minutes it is in my mouth. When I say a few minutes, I really mean a few minutes, because when I decide to eat junk food I devour it in a matter of minutes! I am thoroughly enjoying it for those few minutes, but you know what I would enjoy more? My thin body again.

As a child, teen and 20-something adult, I was very lean. I admit looking back at pictures I may have been too skinny. I didn’t starve myself, I was just naturally thin. I could eat an entire big bag of Doritos and a can of Mt. Dew and not gain an ounce.  Apparently, I had a very fast metabolism.  I didn’t realize how lucky I had it. Donuts, cream cheese, brownies — you name it, I could eat as much as I wanted and stay incredibly lean. Looking back, my diet was awful. I rarely ate fruits and vegetables. I’d eat French fries and all the junk I desperately need to avoid now.

It wasn’t until that magic 30th birthday that my metabolism slowed and my careless eating habits met their maker. Today at 42, I would kill to be the weight I was at 30! I don’t think I could physically get back to that number without hurting my health. I know the number doesn’t mean anything. I know I have been building muscle with my workouts; muscle mass was something I was lacking in my younger years. But I would love to be 10 pounds lighter than I am. I can’t fit into my summer clothes, and the woman I see in the mirror does not resemble me. So I will continue to fight for my goal to make my 40s healthy and lean.