The basis behind The Blood Type Diet is that people should eat certain foods and avoid others depending on what blood type they have, as different blood types have a different effect on the digestive system. One reason many women like this type of diet is that it encourages healthy digestion and conscious food selections without having to track calories or fat grams. The key to sticking to this diet is simply avoiding foods that can throw of the healthy efficiency of your digestive system and eating the ones that help it run smoothly.

Supporters of the Blood Type Diet agree that this diet is beneficial to the whole body, especially when the recommended types of exercise are incorporating in the diet regimen. Eating the right foods for your blood type can also improve your immune system, increase weight loss and energy levels as well.

So what can you eat on this diet? That of course all depends on your blood type and your portion size will depend on how much exercise you’re going to be doing. Each blood type has specific types of foods that result in a more efficient and healthy digestive system and metabolic rate as well.

  • For women with the O blood type, you’ll be eating mostly lean meats, poultry, and fish and will want to avoid grains, breads, and beans. Because your diet will consist of mostly high protein foods, you’ll be able to exercise more vigorously.
  • Women with the A blood type will need to become a vegetarian for the most part. You’ll want to fill up on soy, grains and organic vegetables. The best type of exercise for this blood type is gentle stretching and calm movements such as brisk walks, yoga or beginner level Pilates workouts.
  • If you have the B blood type, your blood type has the most tolerant digestive system so you can enjoy meats, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. You’ll want to avoid eating corn, lentils and food products that contain moderate to high levels of wheat. A regimen of moderate exercise is suggested for best results for women with this blood type.
  • Women with the AB blood type have the most sensitive digestive system and should therefore avoid eating red meats, pork and chicken. The best foods to eat if you have the AB blood type include tofu, seafood, dairy products and vegetables. The best form of exercise for this blood type are those that are very low-key and calming, so yoga or tai chi would be great choices.

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