We live in a more rural type area…not totally rural but not in the neighborhood city, either. Living out here allows for some really cool things:

  • No bad kids coming over unwanted and unexpected.
  • No close neighbors to complain about the color of my swingset or front door.
  • A great deal of nature and wild little creatures.

Just to give you a little idea into my very glamorous life…last year I saved one box turtle from the jaws of our dog and nursed it back to health, a paint turtle from the middle of the road, a mini and when I say mini I mean size of a silver dollar, baby snapping turtle from the wheels of one of the kid’s bikes (we thought it was a rock), countless toads and a stray dog or ten…my kids LOVE animals.

kids curiosity

As you know I have two young boys (6 and 3)…they are very into animals. Right now we are really into toads. We have a garden pond close to our house and every night we can watch the toads swim and “talk”. The other night the toads were exceptionally loud, so my six year old went to investigate. He came in holding both toads (I credit myself for being a pretty cool mom, but toads in the house aren’t really cool)…but he had to show me that a “baby” toad was riding on the daddy toads back. I told him to take the toads outside and then giggled (ok, laughed a lot), not a baby toad but I was pretty certain we would have baby toads very soon. As “luck” would have it, the next day the toads left us about a million baby toad eggs in our pond, which are now protected and guarded by the watchful eyes of my children (which means they won’t ever hatch).

My six year old still believes it is a baby and dad toad floating in the water; I think I will leave it that way. Some parents would say this is a perfect opportunity for a birds and bees lesson, I say they are young and innocent for such a short time so leave it the way it is….either way…we will have about 500 toads before we know it. Can’t wait!