Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of craving those not-so-healthy guilty pleasures. Sometimes we’re able to manage them, but other times they simply get the best of us. Here are some of the best and worst summer foods that we’ve declared bikini-worthy or bikini-busts that will help you stay on track for bikini season.
Bikini Worthy: Asparagus
In season for the summer, asparagus is an energizer to the liver and kidneys that helps reduce water retention and bloating. Asparagus is a good source of vitamins and can keep you energized all day! Check out 4 Tasty Ways To Change Up Your Asparagus!


Bikini Worthy: Eggs
Eggs are a mixture of protein and fat, which helps you feel full and decreases overeating. Eggs are also abundant in amino acids, and can really be added to any meal! One of my favorite egg recipes is my Skinny Avocado Egg Scramble. Find the recipe here!


Bikini Worthy: Grapefruit
This tasty tropical fruit is a great way to keep hydrated in the hot summer heat. It’s a healthy summertime snack and has a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which improves skin health and gives you that healthy glow all summer long! An easy way to get a lot of nutrients from grapefruit and other fruit is from this Summer Citrus Juice recipe. Get this recipe and 3 other tasty juices here!


Bikini Worthy: Leafy Greens
Not only are leafy greens a great way to add some color and volume to your table (without the calories!), but they’re also stacked with nutrients. The quickest and possibly easiest way to add leafy greens to your diet is in smoothies. Here are all of our favorite smoothie recipes!

Bikini Worthy: Salmon
Salmon is naturally low in calories, sodium, a great source of protein and especially high in Omega- 3 fatty acids! I cook salmon all the time, and my favorite recipes are: Sweet Chili Salmon, Caribbean Jerk Salmon and Skinny Blackened Salmon.


Bikini Bust: Sushi
When you’re ordering sushi it’s important to remember to keep it simple because not all sushi is made the same. Stay away from the deep fried rolls or those covered in sauce, and try the skinnier options like the veggie rolls!


Bikini Bust: Bacon
Although it is one of the best smelling foods ever, bacon is easily one of the unhealthiest processed meats on the market because of it’s high sodium and nitrate contents. So forget what the low-carb diets tell you when it comes to bacon and just avoid it when you can.


Bikini Bust: Pretzels
Even though they’re low fat, this is a snack you can skip and trade in for a more nutritious option. Pretzels are high in sodium, which means that they can result in water retention and bloating. With pretzels, its easy to be left wanting more, but its best to just steer clear from them all together! Try these 6 Healthy Potato Chip Makeovers instead.


Bikini Bust:  Frozen Pizza
Yes, probably a no-brainer that pizza isn’t healthy to eat, but we’re all guilty of giving into the convenience of frozen pizza for a meal. Thankfully you can still indulge in your pizza craving, just by making your own with whole-wheat dough, reduced fat cheese and healthy veggies! Or try this amazing Skinny Cauliflower Pizza recipe. NOM!

Bikini Bust: White Flour Pasta
It’s no secret that any product made out of white flour increases your blood sugar, but then it sends it into a downward spiral because your body wants to keep it all. So don’t waste your calorie intake on those dead-end carbs and substitute it for some of the delicious whole wheat breads and pastas options on the market!