I am not much for toys.  Actually, I find that toys; especially those for boys have too many pieces and that they never really last.  However, I was introduced to a product a couple of years ago and I can say that my children play with them DAILY.

The products that I love are called Football Men.  They are a product produced by Kaskey Kids.  They aren’t motorized, they don’t require batteries, they come in their own box (that has a handle and is portable) and they require the children to use their imagination.

A favorite in our house is the football men…we have Auburn and Alabama so we can have a classic southern rivalry…(yes, we live in Cincinnati, but my kids love SEC schools). Each set of football men comes with a field, goal posts, referees, and enough men to form two teams so that they can  play a game.  My kids play for hours, using their imagination and creating “superbowls” and “tournaments”.  We also have the hockey guys which come complete with a rink, referees, two teams, goals and puck and my personal favorite baseball men.  The baseball guys come with a field, a scoreboard and two teams.  If your kids aren’t into football or hockey there are also soccer guys and girls and baseball men.

I love this product for a number of reasons…my kids are busy with them for hours, they aren’t zoned out in front of a video game, they have to use their imagination and they all fit back into their respective box very nicely.  Oh and most importantly, the customer service is beyond great.  I have emailed them during the holidays when a certain set of baseball men appeared on the Santa list and they appeared on my doorstep the next day…in time for the big man to wrap and deliver them.

Oh and best of all, Kaskey Kids has offered you a discount on their products.  20% off at checkout on your purchase using the code “sports”.  Any little boy or girl who is into sports will love these products.  I know that the Tennessee football men are on Santa’s list for this year.  Check them out…you will be so happy that you did.