Wish you could see them better, it was all smiles!

Two years ago on my birthday, my husband bought a boat.  Not an expensive boat, just an older boat.  I had no clue how my kids would react to being on a boat; it seemed that they loved the water, but uncertainty reigned about the boat.  Well, two years later I am here to say it was the best purchase ever.

First, when we go boating especially in the lake in Tennessee there is no cell service and no internet…so it is just us and the family and that is so nice.  I am saying this admitting that I am 100% addicted to my blackberry.

Second, who would have thought that the boat would build confidence.  My older son, the cautious one isn’t much for taking risks…but a few days on the boat with my older nephew he is a brave tuber and a now a water skiier.  And I can now wakeboard…not well enough to say I am a wakeboarder but I can do it!

Third, every family has their thing, the boat is our thing.  We do dinner on the boat, watch fireworks on the boat and enjoy family time on the boat.

So, I guess in short the boat is a great way for our family to enjoy one another.  I have never seen so many smiles in one week from a teenager (nephew) when he got up on skis.  I am stretching it here to call the boat a confidence builder but it sure does make everyone happy.

So, I rarely say that my husband is right…but this time he was spot on with his purchase.